Spice Up Your Biscuit Game with Bacon Biscuits

What are Bacon Biscuits?

These small, peppery, bacon biscuits are featured at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits, a fast-casual concept owned by Carey Morey, in Atlanta, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina. They’re a part of a menu that includes several other types of biscuits such as buttermilk, shortcake and cheese-and-chive. They sell for $3 or $4 per pair.

Bacon Biscuit Inspiration

Morey’s mother, Callie, “made the most wonderful biscuits.” They came together fast and hot out of the oven at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Biscuit Recipe Factor

“The ingredients all depend on what you intend to serve the biscuit with,” says Morey. “The peppery bacon biscuits have a bit of zip, but the buttermilk biscuits are wonderful with jam, pimento cheese or our crispy fried chicken. Never over-handle the biscuit dough or use too much fat or too little fat. The consistency of the ingredients ensures the same results every time.”

Biscuit Impact

Morey’s love for biscuits turned one location into three and led to an online biscuit business and a cookbook, “Callie’s Biscuits and Southern Traditions” (Atria Books, 2013). She also mentors aspiring artisanal producers through her consulting business and lectures at the College of Charleston School of Business.

Photography by Paul Strabbing