Set the Record Straight: Four Foods You Must Eat In Boston


The official dessert of the state, Boston Cream Pie debuted at the Parker House Hotel (Now the Omni Parker House Hotel) and has no traits that warrant its pie name. It’s yellow cake with pastry cream and chocolate glaze. The exact year of its debut is disputed but the Boston Cream Pie for sure has been around since the late 1800s.


To set the record straight, chowder always means clam, it’s never gloppy thick and you can always taste the ocean. 


Traditionalists toss the meat lightly with little more than mayonnaise. Other New Englanders dress it with warm butter. The bun is always top loading, both sides brushed with salted butter and toasted on the flattop. If the Lobster Roll has grill marks, you’re dealing with an amateur. 


Anything other than an Ipswich clams are an imposter. As an appetizer, steamers arrive at the table piled high with a side of clam broth to rinse residual sand and clarified butter for dipping. 

About the Authors: 

Like true native New Englanders, Food Fanatics Chefs Martha Leahy and Christopher Kube live and die by the seasons, which means there’s always room for ice cream and crispy seafood. Follow them on Instagram: @chefmarphy & @chefkube