There’s Nothing Cheese Can’t Improve

There's a line from a popular camp song that goes, "It's cheese, cheese, cheese that makes the world go 'round."

Only cheese could spark such passion. From Jack to blue to brie, cheese is one of the world's most popular foods. Today, there are about 900 types, including more than 400 French cheeses. Whether it's sweet or savory, strong or mild, cheese is delicious as the bold star of a dish, a subtle background flavor or a solo accompaniment to wine or beer.

"There's nothing cheese can't improve," said Chef John Byrne, Exclusive Brands manager, US Foods®. "Like a sauce, cheese can go inside or on top of appetizers, entrées and everything else."

Cheese is everywhere on menus today. Among the most popular cheeses in America is Monterey Jack, a mild white cheese created in the 19th century by Franciscan friars around Monterey, California. The cheese was marketed commercially by Scottish immigrant David Jack first under the name “Jack’s Cheese” and later as “Monterey Jack.”

US Foods offers two delicious Monterey Jack cheeses to add zest to your burgers, sandwiches, salads and hors d’oeuvres. First is Glenview Farms® Habanero Jack Cheese Slices, a delicate and mild cheese with a fun, peppery edge. There’s also Glenview Farms® Blue Marble Jack Cheese Slices, a semi-soft cheese with fine blue marbling and a distinct, but not overpowering, flavor.

“Americans love a little spice in life, and these cheeses are delicate, yet have a decent kick,” Byrne said. “They are nicely balanced and complement dishes without overwhelming.

“Plus, the cheeses are easy to work with and great for melting,” he added. “There’s never any crumbling or waste. Some operators julienne the Habanero Jack into chopped salads, some are melting the Blue Marble Jack over crab to create a fantastic Steak Oscar and others are using the cheeses on burgers, eggs or sandwiches.”

The creamy taste of mozzarella cheese is also popular with American diners. In fact, mozzarella is the cheese mentioned most often on restaurant menus, and appears in 21% of 36,000 menu items listing cheese as an ingredient, according to the Foodservice Research Institute.

To take advantage of mozzarella’s popularity while keeping costs low, US Foods also offers Harvest Value® Whole Milk and Part Skim Mozzarella-Style Cheeses. Both are fresh, tasty and melt beautifully.

“Cheese is often the most expensive ingredient on pizzas, panini, wraps and other menu items,” Byrne said. “These Harvest Value cheeses will help you reduce costs without compromising taste.”

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