Your staff, both in front- and back-of-house, are your first line in driving the success of new menu items. As such, training your staff is an important – and maybe the most important – part of launching a new menu item or special.

65% of operators said training staff to prepare new items is the hardest part of adding a new item to their menu.

Training can be a time-consuming task, but with the right programs in place, and resources to help make training easier and more effective, you can navigate the challenges of changing your menu.


42% of all operators said the most effective way to increase check averages is training staff to upsell, yet only 32% have invested in employee training in the past 12 years.

Training doesn’t end when a new employee is onboarded. It’s an ongoing process that is even more important when you roll out a new menu item.

When you launch a new item, whether it’s a special or on the full menu, prepare a few portions for your first weekly pre-shift meeting. This gives your staff (especially your servers) the opportunity to taste the dish themselves and see what it looks like. Explain how it was prepared and give them a list of ingredients used, as well as any dietary notes they’d need to know and special benefits of the products, like sustainable ingredients or trending flavors.

For operators using ScoopTM products in new menu items, Tipping PointTM helps alleviate some of the burden of training. Tipping Point makes training materials available for each Scoop product – from server tip cards to 30-second videos detailing the product, and benefits your servers should speak to. Your staff will now be well-equipped to answer your guests’ questions about any new menu items.

Introducing new items and updating your menu and specials have always been a chore – yet they’re more important than ever for operators. Scoop helps simplify the process for you, providing the products, information and inspiration you need to keep your offerings fresh. We know you love your diners. Now you can understand them better, attract new customers to your tables and increase the profitability of your business – with Scoop.