Holiday Appetizers: Let the Feast Begin!

Deck out your spring rolls, pretty up the pot stickers and accessorize the empanadas! With a few simple ingredients, you can dress up these ready-to-bake appetizers in their holiday finery. Each one provides a quick path to an upscale start, from prep to party-perfect in minutes.
A single appetizer does double duty on the party platter for twice the choices at this season’s festive feasts. Gather a few new appetizer ideas or add the toppings to one of your menu favorites such as Molly’s Kitchen™ mini empanadas. Mix and match and let the party begin!

Spring & Chicken Rolls

Crispy Spring Rolls with Shitake Risotto — Serve spring rolls over a creamy shitake risotto and drizzle with a cilantro peanut sauce.
Crispy Spring Rolls and Curried Shrimp — Serve spring rolls in a green Thai curry sauce, swimming with baby shrimp and diced tomatoes.
Chicken Egg Rolls with Apple Bacon Chutney — Pair the eggs rolls with a savory cinnamon apple and bacon chutney.

Pork Pot Stickers

Pork Pot Stickers with Plantain Stuffing — Steam pot stickers and serve with a holiday stuffing made of plantains, celery and peanuts. Serve with a cilantro peanut sauce.
Pork Pot Stickers with Chili Asparagus Purée — Steam and sear pot stickers. Serve in a bowl of asparagus purée with hints of chili powder and sprinkled bacon bits.


Lobster Ravioli and Fennel Slaw — Top ravioli with a crispy fennel slaw and drizzle with a caper chimichurri.
Mushroom and Wine Ravioli and Walnut Arugula Pesto — Pair the ravioli with grape tomatoes and toss in a walnut arugula pesto.

Mini Taquitos

Taquitos and Cherry Nut Salad — Spread taquitos on a bed of arugula, pistachios, cherries and Parmesan cheese all tossed in a creamy Vidalia onion vinaigrette.
Taquitos & Warm Margarita Salsa — Sauté red and green peppers with corn and onion until soft, finish with tequila and spread over taquitos with a chipotle lime cream sauce and avocado.