A timeline with a French twist.

Cookbook author and television personality Julia Child introduced the U.S. to French cuisine in the ‘60s, inspiring generations beyond her years to become chefs. Though she never worked in a restaurant or considered herself a chef, Child is regarded as shaping French dining in America. Other major players in the French cuisine evolution include:

The Originals

(LATE 1800s - EARLY 1900s)
Georges Auguste Escoffier
Fernand Point

Nouvelle Cuisine

Paul Bocuse
Roger Verge
Jean Troisgros, Pierre Troisgros

Jean Louis Palladin
Andre Soltner
Alain Ducasse
Michel Richard

(1990s TO PRESENT)
Daniel Boulud
Thomas Keller
Eric Ripert
Jacques Torres

New Nouvelle Cuisine

Daniel Rose
Gavin Kaysen
Ludo Lefebvre