Light Skipjack Chunk Tuna in Water



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Product Details

Caught from regions within Southeast Asia known for yielding some of the highest quality skipjack, our Harvest Value Skipjack delivers a tender, flavorful tuna at a competitive price. Processed under strict specifications this tuna will consistently deliver the texture, flavor and performance chef’s demand. Dolphin safe and soy free, our tuna is packed in water with a touch of vegetable broth to enhance the overall flavor and tender texture. Unlike most leading MB items, our vegetable broth utilizes only peas and carrots while others may contain soy, an allergen. Skipjack has a more pronounced tuna flavor when compared to Albacore and has a slightly darker color. Another added benefit, our chunk light tuna will have a larger proportion of chunk with less flake compared to leading MB items. Perfect for tuna salads, melts and casseroles, this product is sure to deliver the quality chefs expect.


  • Sourced from highly regulated fisheries in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines for fresh, delicious tuna flavor
  • Lower levels of flake compared to leading MB brands
  • Strict production and quality standards to ensure consistent size, color and flavor
  • Nutritious - a good source of lean protein and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Dolphin safe
  • Versatile - perfect for a wide variety of applications
  • Pea-and-carrot-based vegetable broth (soy free)
  • Leading MB items still use soy

Recommended for:

Varied Menu, Family Style & Diners, Italian, Sandwich & Delis