32 OZ. Tamper Evident Container



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Product Details

Takeout customers today demand greater measures to ensure the safety and security of their orders – and this item answers them. Close the lid to lock it, tear the hinge to open it. It's that easy, and it's immediately visible when a container has been opened. This recyclable, one-piece container holds 32 oz. of your specialty deli and grocery dishes (dry or liquid), and its tight perimeter seal helps to keep food fresh and minimize leaks. It's transparent, so the food inside is visible. Easily stackable, it simplifies storage – no shrink bands or separate lids and container bases needed.


  • Easy-closure, one-piece hinged design
  • “Do Not Purchase If Hinge Is Torn” message on lid
  • Recessed stacking platform helps keep stacks stable
  • Made with clear, recyclable PET with minimal sidewall ribbing
  • Ideal for cold applications
  • 32-oz. capacity


  • On-Trend: helps meet growing demand for takeout dishes
  • Versatile: can be used in multiple applications
  • Built-in tamper-evident features eliminate the need for shrink bands and tape
  • Tight perimeter seal minimizes leaks and helps maintain food quality
  • Improves efficiency by eliminating mismatched lids and bases

Recommended for:

Family Style & Diners, American Regional - Southwest, Cajun, etc, Bakery & Donuts, Bar & Grill, BBQ, Chicken, Varied Menu, European - Non-Italian, Ice Cream & Yogurt, Burgers, Latin American, Mexican, Asian - Non-Chinese, Ethnic - Middle Eastern, African, etc, Italian, Sandwich & Delis, Steak & Seafood