Deli Meats

All-Natural Deli Meats


Take your deli offerings to a new level

Savory. Authentic. Wholesome. Remember your neighborhood deli experience? Now you can evoke those same memories with our delicious smoked turkey, hard salami, Genoa salami and pepperoni deli meats. Enjoy exceptional quality and flavor in every bite. The hard salami and pepperoni are naturally hardwood smoked, and the turkey breast is applewood smoked — with no preservatives or additives. Just quality, simple ingredients for a tasty addition to your deli selection.

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Metro Deli

A Little Bite of History

It is believed that the smoking of food dates back to the time of cavemen. Caves lacked chimneys and could become very smoky. Cavemen noticed meat hung in smoky areas acquired a different flavor and was better preserved than meat that simply dried out.

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