Why Sell For Us?

At US Foods®, we are about so much more than selling product. Being a part of US Foods means working hard to deliver the products our customers count on to run their business every day. That’s no small task, but we believe it’s all about teaming up to find efficient solutions, tackling challenges head-on and nurturing a passion for the work. Leveraging our Team-Based Selling approach gives you the competitive edge you need to stand out in this ever-changing industry.

We’re looking for driven individuals who relish the chance to push their potential for growth and reap the rewards of joining the US Foods family. You’re in control of your success at US Foods!

Celebrating both collaboration and individual wins, innovative strategies and new possibilities, our sales roles are designed to feed your future. You’ll have access to cutting-edge sales tools, expert training, company support and employee networks. We’re committed to challenging, developing and rewarding our team members, and want to hire those who excel in: Food Innovation, Technology, Team-Based Selling and Community Involvement.

Training Careers, Not Roles
Developing knowledge and skills throughout your career is our goal; however, it is only as easy as your ability to find the right information when you need it! At US Foods, we provide you with access to all the learning you need to support your success.

Continuous Learning
Learning through various platforms should always be available when you need it. Our Sales and Sales Leadership programs include instructor-led virtual classrooms, e-learnings and conference coach sessions – as well as our podcast series, which provides additional insights and knowledge from our various subject matter experts and leaders of our company.

It is a key driver of our daily customer engagement. In addition to all the tools you need to be successful, we also provide training in the use of the key tools that can support the continued success of our customers.

At US Foods, we believe your career should not be bound by a, “career ladder” but instead be built upon a “career journey," in which you leverage your talents and skills to design the career you strive to achieve.

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Ray Roberts
Ray began his career in foodservice, consulting restaurants on how to drive efficiency and increase profits through their operations. He applied this experience to his first role at US Foods as a Restaurant Operations Consultant. Through his commitment to learning as much as he could about sales and the sales systems at US Foods, Ray was able to transition successfully to a District Sales Manager role. From there, Ray was soon promoted into a Director of Sales Support role, and then moved to a VPLS role in Boston, and currently serves as the Region VP, Local Sales for the Northeast. A combination of patience and listening, along with leaders investing their time to support his ambitions, has allowed Ray to excel as a sales leader at US Foods.

Gladys Coronado
Born and raised in Mexico, Gladys worked in pharmaceutical sales before moving to the United States and joining US Foods as a Territory Manager, a position she held for 12 years.  An ongoing commitment to learning and individual development, coupled with support and mentorship from her team, led to Gladys' promotion to her current position, District Sales Manager in Seattle. In her time with the company, Gladys has found success through remaining coachable, committing to learning every day and trusting her coworkers. 

Gina Maroulis
Gina joined US Foods as District Sales Manager in 2012, bringing extensive experience in foodservice and sales. An ongoing commitment to her development and growth in Sales, coupled with 1:1 support from leaders, allowed Gina to progress to Regional Sales Manager in Port Orange. In her time with US Foods, Gina has taken an active role in her development, raising her hand as new experiences come along and joining cross-functional projects. This approach has enabled her to learn different functions and partner effectively across the business.

Amanda Nelson
After graduating with a degree in accounting, Amanda began working in the restaurant industry. She started with US Foods as a TM and later served as a Buyer, Category Operations Manager and Director of Sales Support before becoming an Area VP of Merchandising and Marketing, and later the VP of Local Sales in Indianapolis. Amanda has found that there is more than one path to Sales leadership at US Foods. Her analytical skill set, along with her well-rounded work experience, has allowed Amanda to develop a deep understanding of the business, enabling her to communicate effectively across multiple audiences and establish credibility at US Foods. Amanda has found that if you come in willing to ask questions and learn from peers, you can carve out a successful career in Sales at US Foods.