Code of Conduct

Delivering Integrity

Ethical Decision-Making

When faced with a difficult decision or situation, follow these steps toward ethical outcomes:

Pause. Does a situation make you uneasy? Are your instincts telling you something is not quite right?

Think. Is your approach consistent with the US Foods® Way – how we live, work, lead? Is it consistent with our Code of Conduct? Does it build or lessen our reputation for integrity?  

Ask. Ask questions and get help. Talk to your manager, another trusted leader, Human Resources or any member of the Law Department. Contact the Check-In Line 1-888-310-7716 with questions or email

You Are Empowered – You can deliver great customer service, knowing that US Foods supports you in doing the right thing and conducting business with integrity.

You Have Responsibility – You play a critical role in protecting our culture, our reputation and our brand.

You Have Help – If you are unsure of what to do in a situation, you have resources available to you, including leaders at all levels, Human Resources, the Law Department and the US Foods Code of Conduct.

You Have a Voice - When you believe something isn’t right, you should speak up and share your concerns knowing that US Foods wants to hear them and does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises concerns in good faith.


The Role of Leaders

As a leader, you have a special responsibility to establish a culture of integrity and openness for your team. The way you make decisions, handle concerns, receive different opinions and bad news, will set the foundation for trust and integrity with your teams, customers and stakeholders. Both your individual success and the success of your team depends on the trust and integrity you build together.

Take These Simple Steps to Build a Culture of Openness and Integrity on Your Team:

  • Be clear with your team that we all must work with integrity at all times. Ensure your team knows that for results to matter they must be achieved the right way
  • Make sure your team knows you will listen, and respond appropriately, even if they have something difficult to say
  • Lead by example by modeling ethical decision-making