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Spring Scoop 2016: Start Simply. Get Inspired.

We’re keeping it simple and leading the way.

Consumers are becoming more aware every day, and demanding more insight on the food they’re eating. And that’s a good thing. Because it’s time to be honest – to tell the truth about where our food begins and the journey it takes to get to the plate. It’s time for you to feel brazenly proud of the way the food you work with is grown, caught and prepared. Scoop believes that putting good things in brings good flavors out. With trend-setting innovation, these products boldly demonstrate how clean, simple ingredients are the new way forward.

We’re also introducing an entirely new magazine design, with the most important attributes, benefits and ingredients on each of our products featured in quick, at-a-glance points. Plus, quick hints on how these products can inspire your menu, attract customers and optimize your operations. So start here – explore, experiment, discover, rethink, create your vision.