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Spring Scoop 2015: Americana

“Americana” means items that are distinctly American and capture our attention. Picture vintage restaurant tableware or a welcoming neon marquee. Now picture American inspiration on your own menu.

That explains this “Americana” issue of Scoop. Our nearly two-dozen new products are distinctly American-themed. In Scoop, we explain their inspiration, their innovation and how they can work for you.

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The world of food is your passion. A single ingredient excites. Recipes capture your attention. You're always on the hunt for the latest trend — and wonder what will be hot many months from now. Traveling outside your comfort zone to discover products and pairings that will stir your imagination is the norm. Experimenting is expected. As a food company on the cutting edge of innovation and inspiration, we live in that world. Come on our journey. Get lost with us.

Bread Pudding
Chef Bill Brooks

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Fun Fact Lasagna

Fun Fact

A 2011 study in the journal Psychological Science found that comfort foods can improve your mood. The research showed most of us associate comfort foods with people close to us, so thinking about or eating these foods can promote an overall sense of well-being.