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Summer Scoop: Family Dining

Dining is one of the most important times a family spends together. This summer, let us help you make your table the place everyone wants to gather with our Summer Scoop line-up.

Our delicious and fun-to-eat items, such as our exclusive Monarch® Puzzle Potatoes and Devonshire® Cake Pops, will keep kids happily in their seats and parents eager to come back for more.

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Get Inspired

The world of food is your passion. A single ingredient excites. Recipes capture your attention. You're always on the hunt for the latest trend — and wonder what will be hot many months from now. Traveling outside your comfort zone to discover products and pairings that will stir your imagination is the norm. Experimenting is expected. As a food company on the cutting edge of innovation and inspiration, we live in that world. Come on our journey. Get lost with us.

Bread Pudding
Chef Bill Brooks

Blogging with Chef Bill Brooks

Where do you get inspiration? Corporate Chef Bill Brooks' blog is a great place to start. Chef Bill has a passion for anything culinary and, now, one of his other great passions is blogging! Check out his recipes, the latest food trends, and other must-reads to keep you in the know. It's addicting…just like all his recipes.

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Fun Fact Lasagna

Fun Fact

A 2011 study in the journal Psychological Science found that comfort foods can improve your mood. The research showed most of us associate comfort foods with people close to us, so thinking about or eating these foods can promote an overall sense of well-being.